When we buy items for the holidays, we expect them to look as advertised. If they aren't we can usually just return them, despite how annoying and time-consuming that may be. So what if you bought Halloween candy because the wrapper showed pumpkin-shaped candy with a cute jack-o-lantern face yet there wasn't a face?

I'll be honest, I'd be annoyed if I opened the candy and it was just a plain pumpkin without the face if I specifically purchased it because of the face and was planning to set out the candy for a Halloween party or something.

My life would move on though and I wouldn't even think about suing. However, if this woman in Florida who is suing Reese's and its parent company Hershey over this missing jack-o-lantern face on her pumpkin candy wins the $5 million she's suing for, it may just set a new precedent. And a lot of people may be sorry they didn't go for it.

According to the MSN website, a woman in Tampa Bay filed a class action lawsuit which means a lot of people can get in on this if they have proof they were negatively affected, too. The lawsuit alleges that the candy packaging is false and misleading in its advertising.

So could this case be a winner? According to CNN, the woman wouldn't have bought the candy if she knew the face and its detailed carvings weren't there. She only bought it because of the jack-o-lantern face on the wrapper. Her attorneys just have to prove that this packaging on the Reese's would trick a “reasonable consumer" for the judge or jury to rule in favor of the case.

Do you feel tricked?

CNN says Hershey joins a growing list of food brands sued for false advertising, including Taco Bell, Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Burger King, and Arby’s. These companies use ads that don’t match up with their actual food, the suits allege.

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