Since Will Ferrell started promoting his upcoming Spanish-language movie 'Casa de mi Padre,' he's remained deliberately coy on whether or not he can actually speak Spanish.

The mystery thickened Tuesday night on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' where Ferrell and the host only spoke Spanish during an extended segment. While that would indicate Ferrell is fluent in Spanish, his strange answers suggest otherwise. 

After Ferrell was pulled on stage atop a fake horse by a pair of nearly naked cowboys, the fun begins. Kimmel warned (in Spanish with subtitles) that the exercise might "confuse, disappoint and possibly offend much of our Latino audience." But we think Ferrell's deadpan-delivered comments like "My Spanish is perfect, just like orange juice" probably cracked up more people than they offended.

Although there was, in fact, one Mexican who was not pleased with Ferrell's stunt. That would be his 'Casa de mi Padre' co-star Diego Luna, who happened to be in Kimmel's audience. Luna stood up and berated Ferrell for pretending he is Mexican, and bringing down Luna's "handsome" people with his buffoonery. (Of course making sure to plug the movie when he did.) Check out Luna's rant below.

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