Thanks to hipsters, tight pants are now semi-acceptable for men. And count Will Ferrell and Jimmy Fallon among those who have embraced the form-fitting bottoms.

During Ferrell's appearance on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,' he sang a song about the glories of his tight pants, while wearing said attire. Since Fallon likes tight-pants and singing too, he made the song a duet

Bad idea. Watch what happens when Fallon "wakes the snake" in Ferrell, who would prefer to be the only fellow in town with tight pants.

If there is a better goofy dancer out there than Will Ferrell, please let us know. The man doesn't have a shred of self-consciousness.

Earlier this week, Fallon announced he was releasing a comedy album featuring song parodies. While it would seem too late to include 'Tight Pants' on the volume, it would certainly be a worthy addition.