It doesn't matter if they're humans, dogs or even rhinos -- babies are adorable.

In a video that will melt your heart, a trio of baby rhinos cry when they run out of milk.

The little rhinos are enjoying milk through a fence and they are despondent when they finish. If you can't relate, just think about when you run out of water at a Chinese restaurant while eating Kung Pao chicken. Yeah, now you understand how they're feeling.

The rhinos have a bit of a sob story that makes this even more captivating: poachers killed their parents in South Africa, so they were taken to the country's Care for Wild Africa Rhino Sanctuary, which just so happens to be the largest rhino orphanage on the planet.

There's just something about baby animals emoting that captures our attention and make us as thirsty for more as these rhinos are for some more cow juice.