So, you're engaged (hypothetically speaking, of course). You've got the ring, the flowers, the wedding location, the band... Now all you need to do is "tie the knot." But what knot exactly are you tying?

Is it a knot of mutual respect and lasting commitment? Or is it a knot of never-ending bondage and perpetual servitude? It always behooves the bride and groom to read the fine print.

Knots have always held significance in various marriage ceremonies across faiths and societies. In many cultures, the hands of the couple are literary tied together, symbolizing their permanent union. In others, relatives often knot together the clothes the bride and groom wore during the special occasion, or there would be a "complex" knot (hopefully not too complex) for the groom to undo in order to claim his bride.

One of the most interesting explanations for this phrase comes from the marital bed itself. Rope beds used to be fairly common and knots were used to build a sturdy bed. Laugh all you want, but for a young and eager couple, these details are important.

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