Like many Southerners, Renee Durette drops the "G" at the end of a word when she speaks. Her accent became a big issue during a recent episode of 'Wheel of Fortune,' costing the Navy Intel Specialist from Merritt Island, Fla $3,850 thanks to a controversial judge's ruling.

Durette had accumulated that amount of money when she elected to solve the puzzle "SE _ E N S _ _ N S A-S _ _ M M _ N G." The answer was "Seven swans a-swimming" but when Durette pronounced it she left of the last "G," instead saying "swimmin.'"

Host Pat Sajak started to award her the answer. But he must have received a message in his ear piece, because he changed course and declared it incorrect. He later explained the judges ruled against Durette because she had spoken in vernacular.

The decision caused a bit of storm on Twitter, with some accusing 'Wheel of Fortune' of prejudice against Southerns.

Durette, however, holds no ill will.

"I had an absolute amazing experience," she told ABC News. It’s just been so funny to see where I’ve been and what kind of Internet footprint I have now and it’s kind of been so crazy,” she said. “I feel like I should be out with big sunglasses and a big hat.”

What do you think, was she ripped off, or does that seem fair? Here's the moment in question:

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