Advice -- it's arguably the most important free thing anyone will ever give you.

SoulPancake asked people of all ages to share the most important advice they've ever been given. The answers are as all over the map as north, south, east and west, but they are all insightful in their own way.

Whether the person is 6 or 66, 8 or 88, the advice offered up here may be old and tired to you or it may be new and eye-opening.

Everyone has something to pass on, whether it's the 40-year-old man who wants you to know you're not above nay job, the 73-year-old woman imploring you to trust your gut or the 10-year-old boy who reminds you to make sure you ask for cheese, meat and a bun when ordering a cheeseburger.

One thing is certain, though: there's no shortage of advice and ways of finding your place in the world if you listen closely.

So, after seeing what these people have to say, we have to ask: what's the best advice you've ever received.? And, maybe even more telling, what's the worst?

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