Then: Christine Lakin played Alicia 'Al' Lambert on the sitcom 'Step By Step.' Since Al was from the more male-dominated side of the blended family, she was more of tomboy than her two step sisters, although her burgeoning beauty shined through her character's overalls and boxy flannel shirts. So what happened to her? 

Now: While Lakin hasn't really had a signature role since 'Step by Step,' her resume as an adult actress is quite extensive, and includes stints on TV shows like 'Valentine' and 'Family Guy' and appearances in movies like 'The Hottie & The Nottie' (she was the "nottie" to Paris Hilton's hottie) and 'Caught in the Crossfire.' She also placed #78 in FHM's Top 100 Sexiest Woman of 2008, making her a contender for Alyssa Milano's "hottest former sitcom tomboy" crown.