A GPS has become a pretty common accessory in cars across the nation. Stuck to our windshields, sitting on our dashboards, they're on our roads everywhere. And now, apparently, they're in the air.

YouTube user JollyHrothgar decided, mid-flight, to break out his GPS, just to see what would happen. What he saw was a car, zipping across the countryside offroad. Sadly, though, he didn't enter a specific destination, so we can't see the GPS freaking out as it thinks a car is going bouncing through the forest at nearly four hundred miles per hour.

You might be wondering why this is OK if you're asked to turn off all electronic devices in mid-flight. The answer is, hey they were in flight. Also, there's no scientific evidence that your electronic devices mess with navigational signals at all. But that's another post.

[ via Buzzfeed ]