Goats are likely the first animal to be domesticated by humans, and our history with them go back about 10,000 years. We use them for their milk, meat and fur, but sometimes we overlook what incredibly weird creatures goats are.

Don't believe us? We've compiled 10 videos of goats talking, dancing, spitting and generally being the goofy freaks man and nature has made them.

After you watch, you are probably going to want your own goat so you can record their antics. But, be warned-- the typical goat will chow down on just about anything. So if you aren't always on top of feeding them they will literally eat you out of house and home. Check out the videos below.

This goat yells out for "Bob," over and over again

Here we have a goat imitating the wobbly laugh of Jerry Lewis. Now that's a farm animal they'd love in France.

This one also sounds like someone. Porky Pig, Maybe?

No those aren't socks. They're actually this talking goat's ears.

While there are two goats on the trampoline, only one really gets it.

Myotonic goats faint briefly whenever they're the least bit scared or excited. It's quite a sight to behold.

This young goat likes to "hang ten" on the back of a sheep.

This fellow tries to argue with a spitting goat. Now that's an argument you are not going to win.

We don't know what's up with this goat. But he has the kind of tongue Gene Simmons dreams of.

This goat was adopted by humans and now it thinks it can dance like one.

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