Goats Gone Wild
Goats are weird and adorable and hilarious in any situation. It's sort of perplexing, because the animals are also pretty talented in unusual ways, like fainting and screaming. Honestly, what?!
Humans Vs. Goats
It's official -- goats yelling like humans has gone beyond just a viral video meme. Here is Los Angeles comedy troupe Olde Payphone yelling like goats yelling like humans.
The Weirdest Fainting Goat GIFs
Recently we stumbled across an interesting phenomenon in the world of GIFs - fainting goats! At first it seemed like just an amusing group of goats that were afraid of an umbrella, but then we found more goats who suffered from fainting spells.
It turns out that a myotonic goat is a domestic goat who…
Best Goat Remixes
Now that we think of it, why wouldn't you add footage of screaming goats to as many songs as you possibly could? Needless to say, this new internet trend makes much more sense to us than Harlem Shake videos or teenagers throwing gallons of milk into the air...
A Medley of Screaming Goats
Here it is, folks -- your daily distraction from whatever horrid employment you might find yourself in. Luckily, if you're caught watching this you won't be there much longer. Hooray! You can thank us later as you pack up your cubicle.
Goat Bullies School
Things got a little crazy at Lamar Fleming Middle School in Houston, Texas Tuesday morning when what has been described as a "mean old goat' wandered onto campus.
Hero Pig Saves Baby Goat From Drowning
Things were looking pretty grim at the petting zoo after a baby goat got its foot stuck underwater.
As an onlooker filmed, the young animal struggled to keep its head above water. But, suddenly, something comes into the corner of the screen. It's a pig, and it's swimming toward the trapped …
Goats Might Find Work at Chicago Airport
If you're out there in a very rough working environment, looking for work along with millions of other people, you might be heartened to hear about the successes of others, even if you feel a little bit jealous as well. But how would it sit with you if a bunch of goats found gainful employment …
Baby Goats Love Hall and Oates
Pygmy goats are, as we've firmly established, absolutely adorable. But there are, against all odds, ways to make them more adorable. Like in this video, where they frolic to '80s hits.

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