When having a wedding at a lakeside location, it's hard to resist the urge to take a scenic picture of the wedding party posing on a dock. The only problem is that docks aren't necessarily designed to support the weight of a wedding party.

Case in point, the recent nuptials at Gun Lake in Shelbyville, Michigan. When the guys in tuxes and the ladies in dresses stepped out onto the thin white dock for their photo op they suffered a fate much worse than wedding day rain. Can you guess what happens?

As you can see, the bride takes the worst spill of all. And rather than pull her out, the groom scurries back to dry land by himself, leaving her bridesmaids to rescue her.

But instead of focusing on her husband-to-be's lack of chivalry, Maegan Walber saw the humor in it all.

"It makes for a good story," she said. "We'll be telling our grandkids."

And her grandkids will be able to laugh at the video, too.