Our parents always told us to never play with our food. Guess the Slow Mo Guys didn't get the message when they shot this video with a melon.

Gavin Free and Dan Gruschy have uploaded this video of their failed attempt to show what happens to eyes that are not protected by a pair of sturdy eye protectors when shot with a BB gun. Unfortunately, the goggles they used were about 30 years old and were incapable of stopping a BB pellet that was fired at point blank range. It's a good thing they decided to test out the goggles on a pair of pig eyes inside a melon.

Since the goggles did nothing (insert 'The Simpsons' reference here), they decided not to simply scrap the video attempt and instead opted to use the melon for one more experiment. It just so happened that the boys had a "banger" lying around that they could utilize. For those not in the know, "banger" is what the British call fireworks that make a loud, exploding noise, sort of like bang-snaps or poppers.

What results is an epic explosion at 2,500 frames-per-second as the melon erupts into a mess of flame and juice. Dan gets a piece of melon to the head and is shocked by the sudden attack. Seeing the melon explode from the inside-out is pretty cool and seeing it slowed down is even cooler.

Check out all of the cool footage of the melon fragmentation in the video above and see the Slow Mo Guys do more awesome things in slow motion on YouTube.