If you're like every single person alive right now, you're probably sitting there thinking, "I love Lisa Frank, but how can I incorporate more of her colorful art into my relatively grown-up lifestyle?" Easy-peesy lemon-squeezy, that's how! It turns out there are still plenty of ways to make neon leopard print unicorns fit into your day. Here are just a few ways to get it done.

  • 1

    A flask!

    All grown-ups need a flask! After all, there's nothing more adult than not being able to afford a drink at a bar because you're drowning in credit card debt!

    ihatekate, Etsy
  • 2

    A swimsuit!

    Get a Lisa Frank swimsuit -- the bright colors will draw attention away from the horrible sunburn you're getting because you didn't put on sunscreen in an attempt to work on your "base tan."

    Sidewalk Spectacle, Etsy
  • 3

    Throw a party!

    Fun invites like these will let your friends know you're serious about kicking it old school ... real old school, so be prepared for a booze-free evening of sitting alone in the corner and wondering if any of these people are actually your friends!

    Hydraulic Graphix, Etsy
  • 4

    Get a phone case!

    The way stuff that you own looks defines who you are as a person, duh! Be sure to buy a Lisa Frank phone case so people can tell you're overly nostalgic, and you're not afraid who knows it!

    SugarCoatedAccessory, Etsy
  • 5

    Knick knacks!

    One step above being a cat lady, but, hey, we can't all not have cat allergies, isn't that right sparkly unicorn?!

    90sVintageFun, Etsy
  • 6


    A full-sleeve Lisa Frank tattoo says "I used to be into cute girly stuff, but now I am super-tough. Most importantly, I have expendable income to spend on tattoos." Def a great way to make a strong first impression!

  • 7


    Put these guys on and you'll be the hit of the nostalgia parade happening at any given moment at a bar full of people so young we secretly wonder if they're underage. Rad!

    Feeling Vague Vintage, Etsy
  • 8

    A manicure!

    If you didn't stay home and give yourself a Lisa Frank manicure, what would you do with your free time -- finally research grad schools like you've been saying you're going to do for three years? Puh-leese!

    elsalonsito, Tumblr
  • 9


    Be sure to wear them as pants -- everybody loves that!

    House of Correia, Etsy
  • 10

    Get the app!

    Turn all your pictures into Lisa Frank works of art with the Lisa Frank app! We're pretty sure there's a way to use this to take all your ex-friends out of the pictures from your awesome Lisa Frank party!

  • 11


    A Lisa Frank makeover is perfect if you need to be in a drag show or just spend hours alone at home staring at yourself in a mirror!

  • 12

    Your imagination!


    If (like a true grown-up) you don't have the time or money for these flights of fancy, there's always one way to incorporate more Lisa Frank into your life -- use your imagination! Just close your eyes and imagine kittens with neon wings all over everything. Soon, if you're lucky you won't even have to close your eyes to see them any more.