So here's the Kanye West dilemma: He's undoubtedly a talented artist who makes very good songs. But he is also, as President Obama recently described him,  a "jackass" who makes people want to throw things at the TV when he appears.

Now here's a solution to the Kanye West dilemma: A cute kid of about eight lip-syncs West's songs so people can enjoy them without having to see West's smug mug.

Watch a youngster named Caleb's fan-made video for 'Way Too Cold.' (NSFW, due to Kayne's racy lyrics.)

Come for Caleb's swagger and stay for the guy in the Donald Trump mask dancing up on the lady in the Sarah Palin mask. There is something for everybody in that video.

Now all West has to do is retire from public view and let Caleb take over. It's a no-brainer, really.