In this clip from the British reality TV show 'World Series of Dating,' two hardcore online gamers bond over their mutual love of 'World of Warcraft.' The results are predictably, well, nerdy.

Once the couple discovers that they both play 'WoW,' they start using jargon from the game that sounds like a different language. While blathering about trolls, blood elves and rogues, the man, whose name is Marcus, attempts to impress his potential date with the geekiest pick-up line in history.

"This sounds big-headed, but I was in one of the top guilds," he said.

Meanwhile, hosts Rob Riggle and Tom Price try to make sense out of the extreme display of nerdom. "What the hell's that all about?" asked Riggle.

"Uh. Er, no idea," replied Price.

Ain't (geek) love grand?