Did you hear the one about the comedian who broke a world record?

A quick-fire British comedian broke the Guinness World Record for the most jokes told in one minute.

Clive Greenway is now the proud owner of the world record for most jokes told in 60 seconds when he unleashed 26 of them.

Greenway, 57, smashed the old mark last June, although, unlike his delivery, news of his accomplishment was slow to get out. That's because rules stipulated each joke had to get a laugh and officials with Guinness spent the last few months reviewing the tape to determine if each gag did indeed elicit the necessary chuckles.

"There was a lot of training that went into it," Greenway said. "After I wrote down 30 jokes it took me months to practice them and get them word perfect and build up my delivery speed."

Take a listen and see how many of these jokes you can actually understand. With so many words to squeeze in, Greenway puts his lips on overdrive.

Greenway topped the old record of 21, which had been set by a comedian from Germany, which, as we all know, is home to some of the funniest people on the planet.