Barack Obama, the POTUS with the mostest, has received the auto-tune treatment once more and can now be seen singing Lady Gaga's 'Do What U Want.' 

The internet might be full of these kinds of videos in which recut footage is slapped together and auto-tuned to make it seem like President Barack Obama is singing a song, but a few more can't hurt. This latest one has him covering Lady Gaga's 'Do What U Want.' While this is entertaining in its own right, the video was also created to help spread awareness and promote the Affordable Care Act.

According to baracksdubs, creator of the video, the reason why the video was made was because they "do not see the ACA as a partisan issue, for the universal right to healthcare simply should not be a partisan issue. It is as commonsense as our right to take the president's speeches and make him sing anything."

Additionally, baradsdubs said, "So tell a friend. Tell them to try it out and give it a chance. And no matter what, make sure they are covered. If and when the unexpected happens-- and it does tend to happen-- they'll be thankful they signed up."

So there we have it. Not only is the video entertaining, but it's also informative. Love or hate the Affordable Care Act, you can't hate on President Obama covering Lady Gaga songs.

Watch the video above and hit up this site, if you're so inclined, to learn more about getting covered.