Every now and then, someone spouts a bunch of facts about a corporation or some other commercial entity that blows our minds. This video offers 10 shocking facts about McDonald's. We'd say take it with a grain of salt, but they already pre-salt their fries.

This video by by Alltime10s is high in calories and it's unknown how much of this information is verified, but it's at least worth watching just to get our wheels turning. And, if nothing else, to get us in the mood for some fast food. What -- is no one else made to feel hungry by watching this?

The list of facts runs through the existence of "pink slime," McDonald's Monopoly fraud, the amount of McDonald's beef that is consumed by the US each year and even the origin of the woman who spilled McDonald's hot coffee on her lap and sued the company.

It's crazy to think that McDonald's serves 6.8 million people daily and averages 75 hamburgers sold per second. That's 5 billion pounds of Mickey D's beef a year. Astoundingly, that equals up to 5.5 million cows, which is reportedly the total number of cows in England. That's right -- we consume up to a whole country's worth of cows.

And speaking of foreign countries, did you know that the drive-thru was such a strange concept in China that customers would get their food from the window, park their cars and then eat inside the restaurant lobby? We suppose it's still somewhat convenient.

Check out the rest of the facts in the video above and good luck fighting the temptation to get out there and grab a McDouble! Again, none of this has been verified as actual fact, but it's something to think about!

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