The two pranksters in this video deserve a gold medal in the category of film editing. Their video was posted on YouTube on July 19 and already has over 58,000 views. Once you check it out for yourself, you'll understand why.

It's hard to figure out just where the twist jump cut takes place, though apparently if you've got an eye for film editing you can tell.

Regardless, the video is a really cool idea. Here's a rundown: the cameraman comes into the room of a sleeping friend, one whose snore is unbearable--we've all met them. As he creeps up, turning the camera around to explain he's going to wake up his friend Justin, he spins the camera quickly (perhaps this is where the cut takes place?) towards him, screaming "Wake up, Justin!" When Justin awakens, the camera pulls back to reveal he's sleeping while driving!

It seems ridiculous to mention this, but we feel given what people sometimes do, we have to say this: don't try this unless you're a professional. Actually, even if you are a professional... do something else. This has already been done to perfection by these guys.