You can't get enough of this, even though it makes you want to rip off your ears and flush them down the toilet.

A girl playing the violin managed to play a tune that mimics car alarms in this video from 2010 that is only now catching fire. You know the sound -- the loud, pounding, constant noise that goes on and on, disturbing everyone within a five-mile radius. From city streets to mall parking lots, it's the kind of noise pollution that has all driven us insane at one time or another.

Well, this girl has got it down pat. It's pretty amazing how well she plays it and it may actually serve a practical purpose. If she's ever hosting a party and wants the last stragglers to clear out, all she has to do is bust out the violin and begin playing. If she's tired of waiting in the doctor's office, she can just whip out her violin and start "The Car Alarm Overture." If she's fed up standing behind a guy paying by check in the express line at the grocery store -- boom! -- just launch into her hit tune until the guy speeds merrily along his way with his milk and loaf of bread.

Unlike this song, the possibilities are music to our ears.