When it comes to dodging work, we tip our hats to an unidentified developer who outsourced his programming duties to a Chinese company while he surfed the internet all day. Brilliant! But imagine if he devoted as much energy to his actual job. Someday, he might've gone somewhere.

The man, who's been nicknamed "Developer Bob," was caught after his employer asked Verizon Enterprise Solutions to investigate shady remote logins by an unknown user from Shenyang, China. Turns out, Bob had been paying $50,000 out of his six-figure salary to a foreign company to code for him.

While programmers overseas handled Bob's real work, he typically spent his days watching cat videos and surfing Facebook, eBay, Reddit and LinkedIn. Can you blame him? Cat videos are awesome.

And yet, Bob regularly got high marks from management. "His code was clean, well written, and submitted in a timely fashion. Quarter after quarter, his performance review noted him as the best developer in the building," said Verizon investigator Andrew Valentine.

Eventually, however, Bob got busted. If he was smarter about it, according to Valentine, he could have avoided detection altogether. An off-site server and proxy, for example, would have made it appear as if the traffic was coming from his home.

Hmm. That gives us an idea. If there are any networking gurus out there looking for a special project, please contact us immediately. (Just kidding. Don't.)

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