If you can't think of the perfect gift to get your sweetie this Valentine's Day, may we suggest...a potato?

Yes, in proof that the $1 million potato photo is just the beginning of a growing spud trend, you can now send that special person in your life a potato with a personalized message on it.

It's a service offered by a company called Mystery Potato, which explains its passion simply:

Potatoes are simple and they bring joy and confusion like you would not believe. In these days of email, tweets, Snapchat, and Facebook messenger sending someone something in the mail is starting to have a renewed power and impact."

Umm, yeah, sure, whatever.

If you're still unsure whether or not you'd like to invest in a love spud, take a look at some of the work Mystery Potato, which also provides non-Valentine's Day-themed taters, has done.

Potatoes start at $7.99 and if you're a really big spender, you can cough up $149 for an entire sack.

Of course, if you really want to show how much you love someone, you should consider a butternut squash. It's bigger and sturdier. Just a thought.

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