Adorable pup Jesse the Jack Russell has been wowing the internet for the last couple years with his dizzying array of "useful" dog tricks. Now, the highly trainable canine is back for his third installment of the video series. Check out Jesse, who also appeared in the movie ‘Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2,' do his thing below.

As you can see, Jesse starts the video by waking up owner and trainer Heather Brooks and making her breakfast. Yes, this really happens. Jesse also shows how he can clean up around the house, take out the trash, shine Heather's boots, fetch the mail and perform many other tricks.

While we still don't have the robot maids we were promised by 'The Jetsons,' it turns out with a little patience you can teach your dog to perform all the tasks the android in an apron was supposed to.

The video includes an appeal to vote Jesse "Arizona's Favorite Dog." And we just might -- after Jesse comes over to our house and makes us breakfast too.