Everyone has their own predictions as to which movie will snag the 2012 Oscar for Best Picture, but apparently no one's guess is more important than that of 'The Artist's' top dog Uggie. Jimmy Kimmel brought the 9-year-old Jack Russell on his show to settle this great debate once and for all.

Uggie had previously picked George Clooney for Best Actor and Meryl Streep for Best Actress using a system in which a hot dog was placed over a poster of each Oscar nominee. But which movie is Uggie rooting for?

The loyal dog picked his own film, 'The Artist.' Although that is always suspicious, the mostly-silent movie does also happen to be the overwhelming favorite among non-self-interested-dog prognosticators to take the last gold statuette of the night.

Uggie knows a thing or two about movies. He was one of the breakout stars of 2011 for his role opposite Jean Dujardin and his performance in 'Water for Elephants.' So, book it, 'The Artist' will be best picture. And if it's not, you can just blame Uggie's poor judgement.