Filmmaker Daniel Brace recently attached a head-cam to his two-year-old daughter during a game of hide and seek to prove that the rig is easy to use. But what Brace inadvertently did is create what may be the most adorable POV footage in the history of the internet.

In one of the cutest displays we've ever seen, the two-year-old, whose name is Olivia, runs from room to room shouting, "Daddy!" while her feet thump-thump on the floor and arms windmill at her sides.

Of course, like any two-year-old, Olivia loses interest in less than a minute and focuses on colored blocks instead. But after the game resumes, she tracks her daddy down in the bathroom and squeals with delight all the while.

The video takes a somewhat sad turn when Olivia cries after getting tangled in a shower curtain. But, true to her fun-loving nature, the two-year-old gets right back into the game without delay. Seriously, if this video doesn't convince you how awesome kids are, nothing will.