Sometimes twin babies born hours apart can end up having different birthdays, but one set in Minneapolis actually have different birth years.

While Beckett Humenny was born at 6:40 p.m. on New Year's Eve, it seems his sister Freya wasn't quite ready to leave the comforts of the womb until nearly six hours later. She was born at 12:26 a.m. on January 1st.

This means the fraternal twins not only have different birthdays, but were born in different years, something the staff at Hennepin County Medical Center couldn't recall ever happening before.

Regardless, parents Stephanie Peterson and Darryl Humenny were excited, saying the traditional two-day holiday will now be a two-day birthday instead. The babies, both preemies at 34 weeks, are small but healthy and will go home in about a week, presumably on the same day.

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