Treadmills may have been designed to bring a healthier life to the human race. However, thanks to 'Jackass' and YouTube, the popular exercise equipment has also caused its fair share of harm.

People of all ages, from easily amused teenagers who think they are impervious to pain and suffering to the easily injured elderly, have succumbed to the uncaring whims of the treadmill. Now, one video has compiled them all into one epic supercut.

The best/worst part is that the video has a soundtrack. The entire video is played to the sounds of Matthew Wilder's inspirational 1983 hit 'Break My Stride.' We didn't think treadmill accidents could get any more painful.

It goes without saying that you shouldn't attempt any of these activities on your own. We wouldn't want to be responsible for hurting someone, no matter how hilarious the accident is when caught on film.

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