Man's never ending quest to laugh in the face of death, danger and physics has not been quelched, thanks to the folks at BBC's 'Top Gear.'

This time, the live version of the car stunt and racing show returned to South Africa to showcase another world stunt record.

Last time, they sent a buggy through their famous 720-degree "double loop" ramp and set a new world record in the process. This time, they set another one with the same ramp but a different mode of transportation. Stunt driver Gary Hoptrough jumped on a motorbike and rode it through the massive loops. He also set a world record with his impressive stunt.

The crew also placed cameras all over the driver and his bike, so viewers at home could take the terrifying ride with him. Just how terrifying was it? Legendary rally car stunt driver Ken Block was on hand to witness the stunt. He said the double loop wasn't "something I'd want to try." We don't blame him.

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