There's a lot going on in the world right now, but, hey, we have to remember good oral hygiene, right?

This rather odd review of a tube of toothpaste popped up on YouTube (or, in this instance, maybe we should call it YouTube of toothpaste).

For starters, it's odd because, well, who really would take time to review toothpaste on YouTube? Then, there's the possibility the man speaking may have bought it used on Amazon (he says he bought it last night, yet it already looks pretty worn).

And it only gets weirder as he dissects how good the orifice where the toothpaste comes out is ("very sensually ooze" is not a phrase you'd expect to hear when describing toothpaste, is it?). Then, he makes a veiled racist reference when talking about the whitening feature by saying, "It takes something that's not white and makes it white and therefore makes it better." Then, he explains just how to use the tube, as if no one is familiar with this concept.

We're going to go ahead and say this is all self-aware and meant to be off the wall. He's done this kind of ridiculous review before, too. Witness his take on a comb below.