If you’ve seen him in the newly released ‘The Avengers’ (and we suggest that you do) you know that Tom Hiddleston, the acting genius behind the evil demi-god Loki, is a serious thespian. And, like any working actor worth his salt, Hiddleston has a Shakespearean monologue in his back pocket, in case an emergency theater in the park audition breaks out.

During a recent appearance on Fuse TV’s show ‘Hoppus on Music,’ at the request of the host, Hiddleston did a quick bit of King Henry’s battle speech from ‘Henry V.’ And, not surprisingly, it was rather good. (Of course, it helps that Hiddleston is currently shooting a three-part ‘Henry V’ television miniseries, but still, he’s got some major game when it comes to The Bard.)

It’s clear that Hiddleston got his start on the stage and is a master of the classics. We’re excited to see him finally getting the props he deserves for his work on the big screen, but it’s obvious where his real talents lie. This guy can give you all the inspirational glory of Shakespeare’s ‘Henry V’ at the drop of a hat. Which means Kenneth Branagh, who directed Hiddleston in 'Thor,' better watch out.

While his monologue was magnificent, what we really want is to see Hiddleston in some more blockbusters. He was the perfect F. Scott Fitzgerald in ‘Midnight in Paris’ and there’s no one else in Hollywood who could own Loki like he does. Hollywood would be wise to put him in some more flicks post-haste.