There’s no need for us to prove that Tom Hanks is awesome. Remember when he posed with a random dude who was pretending to be drunk? Or how he has an impressive collection of typewriters? His awesomeness will never cease to impress us, which is why we vote Tom Hanks as one of the coolest celebs today and, arguably, of all-time.

At the recent memorial service for friend and fellow actor Michael Duncan Clarke, our vote was solidified once again.

Basically, it was proven that all situations involving Tom Hanks are automatically ten times more enjoyable. The Hollywood funny guy shared a personal story about ‘Big Mike’ and the late actor’s introduction into a gang, while his hilarious accents and reenactments cracked up the entire audience, himself included.

What better way to commemorate one of the greatest actors of our time? You never let us down, Tom Hanks.