OK, so they're not the Sharks. Or the Jets. Either the dancing street gangs or the sports teams. But they are cute...and they do get into a fight that would make hockey enforcers and football players proud.

It's funny how these kids are adorable even when they're fighting. Seriously, even when it gets intense for a toddler fight, they're never less than adorable.

This could be an entirely new frontier in reality television. Instead of 'Dance Moms,' we could have 'Dance Toddler Fights.'  Instead of 'Toddlers and Tiaras,' we could have cage matches be part of the talent competition. And it'd all be a lot less weird than these shows are currently.

Or maybe we could just do a reality clip show of videos like this, because ask any parent with a young ballerina...this happens all the time. Just remember, Fox, we've got the copyright on 'When Toddlers Attack.'