As far as bad Tinder dates go, this one is tough to top.

Police in Leonia, N.J. say a dog was stolen from a home a woman was watching after she invited a man from Tinder she had never met to come over.

And this is why finding that someone special online is sooo darned hard.

Here's what happened. The 18-year-old woman invited the man over last Sunday, so he accepted, only to show up with another man. The woman got distracted by one of the fellas, leaving one of them alone in the house. Eventually, the duo left, at which point the woman realized the dog who lived in the house -- a Maltese named Maggie -- was nowhere to be found. A laptop and a package from Amazon also went MIA.

Police continue to investigate the matter and even posted about the unfortunate matter on Facebook.

No one has been arrested. And while the case is ongoing, we're pretty sure this wraps up any future housesitting gigs for the woman.

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