While we hate to give advice to bike thieves, we don't think we are giving too much away in saying that the first step to being able to steal a bike is being able to ride a bike.

But, then again, a thief who struck the Spoke House Bicycles store in Tulsa, OK, around 6am Wednesday didn't seem to know that. After smashing a brick through the storefront, and grabbing a $500 mountain bike, the criminal tried to ride off.

It only took a few feet for him to encounter a curb. And that was the end of the theft.

Bike and rider went flying forward, a tumble that was captured on a surveillance camera. While the thief didn't appear injured, the bike was rendered inoperable after the crash and he had to flee the scene on foot.

To make matters worse for the hapless robber, he was looking directly at another surveillance camera when he put on his mask before snatching the bike.

So now both images of his face and his hilarious wreck can be included on his wanted poster. Watch a Spoke House Bicycles employee gleeful recount the criminal's stunted crime here.