You might think you've got cool stuff in your house, but these home improvements will have you thinking otherwise -- and wishing that you were filthy rich.

The best thing about a lot of these furnishings is that they're both amazingly decorative and functional. So hang back, scroll through the pictures and start coming up with get-rich-quick schemes so that you'll be able to afford these ridiculous home improvements.

Beach Desk

Now you can enjoy the pleasures of the beach while working inside the house. The best part is that there's no danger of being a target for seagulls.


Why have just a staircase or just a bookcase when you can combine the two? With this little number, you'll ascend the heights to great literature!

Fire Pit/Coffee Table Combo

Nothing says "relaxation" than a warm drink by an even warmer fire. With this unique coffee table, you'll be able to enjoy both. But you should probably find a better place for magazines.

Hammock Bed

Some days, you just want to hang out in bed. Other days, you want to lay around in a hammock. With this hammock bed, you'll never have to compromise.

Office Pod

Need a place you can get away from it all while still getting work done? Behold the Office Pod, which is your workplace away from workplace.

Outdoor Theater

Make it a movie night under the stars with this outdoor theater setup. Just watch out for raccoons and random acts of weather.

Ping Pong Door

Need a break from the trudgery of life? Transform this door into a ping pong table and get your game on with a roomie.

See-Through Bathtub

If you ever wanted to feel like you were bathing in a block of suspended water, then get this bathtub. Just make sure that you don't have an audience!

Swing Set Table

Bring the fun of the glory days of the playground into your home with this swing set table. Swing yourself back and forth as you reminisce about pushing each other in the sandbox and running up the slide.

Tree House

Guys... you can get a legit tree house, indoors. Escape from it all in this awesome faux tree fortress.