We all think our families are the worst on Turkey Day. Drunken uncles, angry parents, annoyed children...why do we do this again? TV to the rescue, with five Thanksgivings that'll make even the worst look great.

  • 1

    Bart Simpson Destroys Lisa's Thanksgiving Centerpiece

    The Simpsons aren't exactly known for being functional. Still, Bart destroying Lisa's elaborate centerpiece and then learning the hard way that not everybody gets a decent Thanksgiving would be heart-warming if it didn't also involve recrimination and running away from home. Plus, this being an episode from the second season of 'The Simpsons,' there weren't the sort of wacky jokes fans came to expect in later episodes. Just awkward family moments and sketchy animation.

  • 2

    The 'Cheers' Gang Gets Into a Food Fight

    This classic 'Cheers' episode is one of the few where the gang ventured away from their funny/sad lives at the bar to their funny/sad lives at home. It also features one of the most epic food fights in TV history. Admit it, there's a part of you that's always wanted to do this during Thanksgiving.

  • 3

    'Family Guy' Vs. John Goodman

    Your uncle may hog the yams, your mom may use all the gravy and your brother may try to eat an entire thirty-pound turkey. But look at it this way: you're better off than John Goodman's family.

  • 4

    'WKRP' Drops the Turkey

    The turkey hitting the floor is largely considered the worst Thanksgiving disaster. But at least you didn't chuck yours out of a helicopter like the 'WKRP' gang.

  • 5

    The Keatons Get Tossed In the Slammer on Thanksgiving

    Leave it to the hippie Keaton parents to almost ruin Thanksgiving after getting thrown in the clink for protesting a nuclear power plant. Maybe young Bill O'Reilly-in-training Alex was right about them.