Here's a tribute to anime, specifically Hayao Miyazaki's films, from 'The Simpsons.' Get ready to be hit with a wave of awe and whimsy.

It looks like Homer's made a new friend and had a little too much to drink during a night on the town. After getting some Japanese cuisine and imbibing too much snake wine, and what turns out to be a whole aquarium full of fish, Homer and his buddy start having hallucinations of the most enchanting variety.

The pair stop in the middle of town only to see Springfield and its denizens transform into a Miyazaki-styled wonderland. Spirits start popping up, buildings get a more Japanese feel and the citizens start taking on the appearances of some of the most iconic Miyazaki characters. For example, bus driver Otto becomes the Catbus and Homer's sisters-in-law, Patty and Selma, literally turn into the witches that they are and start to resemble the titular character from 'Kiki's Delivery Service.'

The magic continues when they come across the Krusty Burger, with the ghosts of the animals that were used for the meat hovering overhead. Of course, it's a little disturbing to see a horse, a rat and a kangaroo being used in Krusty Burger products, but we half-expected it. Frankly we're just glad they're not smaller, with more legs.

And of course, the Kwik-E-Mart gets legs and effectively becomes Howl's Moving Castle. Or, in this case, would it be Apu's Roaming Convenience Store?

Watch the clip above and catch an all-new episode of 'The Simpsons' this Sunday!