The anticipation for 'The Hunger Games' has reached a ridiculous fever pitch, with the movie grossing $68 million on Friday alone. Girls across the nation are doing everything they can to make sure everyone they know sees this thing and then some. And one enterprising group of cousins has found a very clever way to pay "tribute" to the Games.

They took their vast collection of Barbie dolls and some cardboard cutouts and set them up on what appears to be a relative's living room sofa. Then they grabbed the camera and started shooting scenes for a Sweded version of 'The Hunger Games' trailer. It's actually very well done for a group of kids with nothing but a camera and a couple of dolls.

These group of girls are such big fans of the Suzanne Collins novels that they didn't stop with the trailer. They also made their own feature-length adaptations of all three novels from the trilogy including 'The Hunger Games,' 'Catching Fire' and 'Mockingjay' with Barbie dolls in all of the starring roles. They are surprisingly clean for such a gory novel, probably because if they spilled anything on that couch, a very angry mother would do her own reenactment of 'The Hunger Games'.