Dogs are man's best friend. But things can get awkward when your frustrated pooch takes a shine to your leg in the absence of more appropriate things for him to, uh, express his affection on.

Now we finally have a competition which rewards dogs for this behavior. Behold, the first annual Humpy Awards. (This video is possibly NSFW, depending on how your office feels about leg humping.)

Randy dogs were judged on (ugh) "mount," speed, style, stamina and dismount. (We can't believe this is real.) The winner(?) was a Jack Russell named Miss Hope, reminding everybody that female dogs are known to get confused and become prodigious humpers.

However, when you make it to the end of the video you realize the 'Humpys' are part of a viral video campaign for the new AMC reality show 'Small Town Security'  -- which calls the legitimacy of the event into question.

But, in some ways, whether the 'Humpys' developed on their own fruition or were dreamed up by "reality" show producers is irrelevant. Humping on demand is not easy, especially with such a large crowd watching. Yet the dogs were able to overcome any performance anxiety and pull off the kind of sweet, sweet "leg love" that is finally getting the recognition it deserves.