There are roughly 60,000 novels published every year. Romances, mysteries, science fiction, comedies...there's no shortage of fiction. But apparently that's not good enough for Hollywood.

As a result, they're developing a Guinness World Records movie. And no, it's not a documentary about the people attempting to break various strange record. That would make sense, and this is Hollywood.

No, instead it's going to be an action-adventure movie.

For us this raises a few questions. First of all, who's going to star in this? Really, we can't think of an action hero who can simultaneously pull off, say, Longest Distance Thrown By A Car and the most potatoes peeled, or hoops hula'd, or whatever innocuous records will be featured as a joke.

Secondly, precisely what records are going to be featured in this movie? Guinness tracks pretty much everything from sports achievements to achievements in length of various body parts. Although we have to admit, a movie starring the man with the world's longest fingernails would be pretty interesting, although maybe not for the reasons Hollywood hopes.