Uggie may have retired from his thriving on-screen career as the back-flipping Jack Russell terrier from 'The Artist' and those awesome Nintendo DS commercials, but it looks as though he just might become the next best-selling author. Yup, you read that right. Uggie -- a dog -- will be releasing his memoirs this October.

We all know this 10-year-old pup for his lavish life filled with Oscar-worthy roles, White House Correspondents' Dinner appearances and photo ops with Jean Dujardin, but it wasn't always glitz and glamor.

Many have no clue he was part of the adoption circuit. Uggie: My Story, to be published by Gallery Books, will tell this untold epic of the Jack Russell's journey from orphan puppy, to getting adopted by his trainer Omar van Mueller, to Hollywood royalty.

It probably goes without saying, but it won't be Uggie doing the actually writing. That job is for Wendy Holden, author of Gallery Girl and Marrying Up, though we're secretly hoping he'll at least be dictating or something.

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