For thousands of years man has been wondering what dogs would say if they could talk. But these days, wouldn't it be more likely that our furry buddies would just send us text messages?

But before you go out and buy an iPhone for Fido, you need to consider whether you even want to hear what he has to say. Perhaps the key to humanity's harmonious relationship with our "best friends" is the fact that we can't really tell each other what's on our minds.

The proprietor of the Tumblr 'Text From Dog' has somehow trained his pooch to send him text messages. And he isn't always so happy with what the pooch has to share.

Almost all of texts between dog and owner are NSFW because both have fairly filthy vocabularies. In turns out that dogs, like kids, will pick up bad habits if you curse around them.

Check out some of our favorites of these salty, NSFW exchanges below. And let us know what you think your dog would say if he had the gift of text.