If you're at all familiar with Major Lazer, then you know that he is the musical persona of electronic DJ Diplo. You also probably know that he's a cartoon badass whose music video adventures are basically what would happen if you put G.I. Joe, 'Mad Max' and a dash of 'Action Jackson' in a blender and hit purée. He also has a machine gun attached to his arm. So basically he means serious business.

Now, the over-the-top action hero has come to life, thanks to Major Lazer's awesome new music video for his song 'Scare Me.' And the casting is perfect.

Terry Crews ('The Expendables,' 'Arrested Development') plays the Major, and this is no mere celebrity cosplay. Clearly the part of a cryogenically unfrozen warrior who fights villains with names like General Rubbish is the role Crews was born to play.

The video, which is somewhat NSFW unless you work at Cannon Pictures circa 1988, pairs Major Lazer with a hooded femme fatale with the wonderful moniker of Knife Fight. The clip also features comedian Nick Kroll as the president and 'Workaholics' star Blake Anderson (the one with the goofy haircut) as a biker punk that finds out how Knife Fight earned her name. At least his stupid haircut makes sense in the context of this spoof of what people in 1987 thought the future would look like.

Now can we get a live-action 'Major Lazer' movie with Crews in the lead that we can watch at a midnight screening as part of a double feature with 'Megaforce'?

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