When you were 14-years-old, you might have used your lawn-mowing money to save up for video games or an iPod. But one young woman in Florida thought much bigger -- she used her limited income to buy a house.

It started out when Willow Tufano began tagging along as her realtor mom showed foreclosed homes to investors. Willow eventually set up a little cottage industry selling off the abandoned furniture that had been left behind when people moved out, giving her a monthly income of about $500, most of which she saved.

One day, Willow overheard her mom talking about a house that had once sold for $100,000 being auctioned off for just $12,000. That's when Willow got the idea to buy a house herself.

She split the cost with her mother (whose name is on the title) but Willow plans to buy her out once she reaches her 18th birthday. In the meantime, they've cleaned the place up and are currently renting it out for $700 a month -- quite possibly making Willow the country's youngest landlord.