What's worse than a news anchor blabbing on live TV that Santa isn't real? How about a Texas kindergarten teacher revealing the terrible truth about Saint Nick to her entire class of five-year-olds? Yep, that actually happened.

The teacher at Pease Elementary in Austin, who's only been identified as "Mrs. Fuller," reportedly asked her class, "None of you believe in Santa Claus, do you?" Then, she went on to explain that Santa doesn't exist and that parents are responsible for giving presents.

Turns out, this isn't the only example of anti-Santa sentiment at the school. In a totally different incident, another teacher told her class that Santa didn't exist during an exercise meant to help kids distinguish between real and imaginary things. (What, she couldn't use Batman?)

Understandably, parents were very upset. "Another adult has no right to submit their own beliefs on a group of five-year-olds and their families -- about Santa, God, politics or whatever -- especially phrased 'your belief is not right,'" wrote mom Susan Tietz Gammage on Facebook.

The school's principal said he was "horrified" by the teachers' conduct and officially reprimanded them. As for the kids, there doesn't seem to be any permanent scars left by these Grinchy teachers. One child even told her parents that she "still want[s] to believe in Santa." Aw!

What do you think? Were these teachers out of line?

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