It's been our experience that high school teachers generally frown upon pranks. But one teacher at Whitney Young High School in Chicago eagerly joined in when seniors staged an unauthorized dance battle. If only our teachers were this cool.

One day after school, seniors attempted to lure teachers into an impromptu dance battle held in the school lunchroom. Most of the staff resisted the temptation to shake their stuff in front of the student body, but Dean of Students John Fanning rose to the occasion.

Not to be outdone, Fanning moved to the middle of the floor and broke out a surprisingly nimble Irish jig. According to Fanning, he considered trying to disperse the crowd, but thought that joining in would be "a better way to diffuse the situation."

Riiiiight. We're sure this had nothing to do with a desire to show off your 'Riverdance' moves, dude.

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