If you were on Twitter or Facebook this weekend, chances are good you saw an upcoming cover of People magazine depicting 'Twilight' star Taylor Lautner's proclamation that he's gay.

Scandalous! Maybe you even said to yourself, "A-HA! I knew it. Straight guys aren't that pretty with their shirts off." Which may often be true, but this time it seems otherwise -- reps for People have now publicly disavowed the cover, calling it “absolutely fake.”

The phony cover, allegedly from the January 7 issue of the magazine, shows Lautner along with the text "Out & Proud" and teases an "exclusive" story in which he says he's "tired of rumors" and now feels "liberated." And while the PhotoShopped creation spread like wildfire over the various social media networks, eagle-eyed observers were quick to note the sidebar on the cover was actually swiped from a 2006 issue.

Not long after the fakery was exposed, yet another "no, really, I'm gay" cover began making the rounds, this time targeting 'Twilight' femme fatale Kristen Stewart. But with its crazy sidebar and proclamation of love for Dakota Fanning, it seemed more like a spoof than an attempt at outright deception.

Let both be a lesson: you can't always believe what you read.

[via Starcasm]

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