Then: Taran Noah Smith was the awkward, youngest son on the popular '90s sitcom starring Tim Allen and Patricia Richardson, about an accident-prone dad, “Tim the Toolman Taylor,” who hosted a home improvement television show and his trials and tribulations raising a family. Smith lurked in the shadows of his heartthrob, co-star brothers Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Zachary Ty Bryan.

Now: Following the end of 'Home Improvement,' the youngest of Tim Taylor’s mischievous sons went on to marry a woman 16 years his senior and form a vegan food company. (The marriage ended in a lawsuit where Taran accused his ex-wife of funneling money from the company.) On January 31st, 2012, Taran was arrested and charged with a DUI in LA, as well being charged with possession of hash. While it seems he was trying to keep it classy with hash instead of the poor man’s marijuana, we’re guessing when the cops found it they said, “I don’t think so, Taran.”

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