Awkward Wimbledon Faces
It turns out when you're trying to be a champion, you don't always have time to try to look cool. Sometimes you just have to do what it takes and hope that later the awesomeness of being champion will erase any embarrassing moments from memory.
Sean Connery Thinks Andy Murray Is the Man Now, Dawg
Sean Connery may be Andy Murray's biggest fan. At 82 years of age, he still manages to muster a bit of fist pumping to cheer him on. Also, he wears enormous sunglasses. Enjoy these pictures of Sean Connery as much as he's enjoying the US Open. BONUS: to really get a feel for how much he lo…
Number One Junior Tennis Player Told To Lose Weight
This is Taylor Townsend. She's won the Junior Australian Open in both junior women's singles and doubles. She took Wimbledon in doubles. She is the top seed in her class in the US Open. In short, she is better at tennis than most of humanity will ever be.
And the United States Tennis As…
‘Bird Call Man’ Pranks US Open Winner Webb Simpson
In true underdog fashion, 26-year-old Webb Simpson won the US Open yesterday in only his second appearance at the major tournament. But the win was just as notable for the nutty fan who interrupted Simpson's interview with Bob Costas by making exceedingly loud birds calls. It may be the funnies…
Wondering What Tennis Stars Would Look Like as Kids?
This cute ad for the Stockholm Open has tennis playing children made to look like court legends such as John McEnroe, Jim Courier and Roger Federer. (Just to be clear, these aren't the actual kid versions of tennis stars.) Check out the mini-doppelgangers below.
US Open Spectator Spotted With Sock in His Mouth [PICTURE]
Concessions at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Queens, New York are notoriously pricey, but that's still no good reason for fans attending the US Open to chow down on their own socks for nourishment.
A Deadspin reader snapped this photo during Donald Young's straight set victory o…